Best Wood Pellets for Smoking of 2024

Best Wood Pellets for Smoking of 2024


You won't be shocked to learn that many different kinds of pellets are on the market. There are so many that choosing the finest one could be difficult. But don't worry, we've got you covered. After researching, we've selected some of the best wood pellets for smoking. Prepared to delve a bit further?


1. CookingPellets 40PM Perfect Mix

Best Overall


  • Brand: CookinPellets

  • Flavor: Perfect Mix

  • Item Weight: 40 Pounds


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  • Combination of hickory trees
  • Weak taste
  • Nothing added
  • Excellent for quick grilling and lengthy smoking


  • Possibly not appropriate for all grills

Product's Summary

The CookingPellets 40 PM are ideal for short and lengthy smoke clouds. Hickory is the basis, then hard maple, apple, and cherry are added. No bark is used in producing these pellets; they are made from the middle of the log. Usually, quite a little lignin is present in wood bark. To be clear, these specific pellets have fewer lignin. Alder and oak are oil and filler woods, so they are not included as additives.

When selecting wood pellets, remember that the flavor they generate could be too faint for certain people. Not all grills may be compatible with these pellets. Make sure these pellets are suitable for your grill by doing so, as advised.

2. Traeger PEL319 Hickory

Best Runner Up


  • Brand: Traeger
  • Material: Plastic
  • Flavor: Hickory
  • Item Weight: 20 Pounds


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  • Rich and strong hickory taste
  • Sustainable wood
  • Perfect for a range of foods
  • 20-pound little bag
  • Budget-friendly


  • The pellets are rather big
  • Must be shielded from moisture

Product's Summary

The Traeger PEL319 Hickory is the next item on our list of the top wood pellets for smoking. This 20-pound bag of pellets is made entirely of hardwood and has no artificial additions or fillers. These hickory pellets provide a range of meats, including but not limited to beef, chicken, pig, and vegetables, with a robust and rich flavor.

Without cutting down any trees, Traeger makes its pellets from existing hardwood using sawdust. If you have a smaller grill, you might need to split these pellets into smaller pieces to guarantee quicker and more even heating.

This could be a little annoying. You must keep these pellets dry, just like you should with any other kind of pellet. They will become dust if they don't. These pellets are a terrific alternative if you're on a tight budget. They provide quality for an affordable price.

    3. Lumberjack Competition Blend Maple-Hickory-Cherry BBQ Grilling Pellets


    • Item Weight: 39.5 pounds
    • Manufacturer: Aviditi – Geneva Supply – L&G

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    • Primarily made of hickory
    • Small-diameter pellets
    • No oils or additives
    • Ash and chemical composition were tested


    • Easy to overindulge in smoking

    Product's Summary

    The LumberJack premium pellets are mostly hickory wood and are created from natural tree bark and the cambium layer. Since they are constructed of tree bark, they have a richer flavor than leftover wood. Additionally, these pellets are devoid of any oil or additives. Because of their tiny diameter, these pellets offer more surface area for burning and smoking. They also generate the least amount of ash.

    Before the wood pellets are crushed into form, the fiber is blended to determine the chemical and ash content of these food-graded pellets. As a result, Lumber Jack offers pre-blended pellets in various flavors, unlike its rivals, which combine several pellets in a bag. The disadvantage of utilizing these pellets is that they can easily over smoke because they are mostly made of hickory.


    1. The Distinction Between Heating And Smoking Pellets

    Understanding the distinction between heating pellets and smoking pellets from the outset is crucial. Typically, timber is treated with pesticides, and other chemicals are used to make heating pellets. These pellets are produced mainly to be used as fuel in pellet stoves. Utilizing them as smoking wood pellets is extremely risky.

    Pellets for smoking are created from wood that is suitable for food smoking. As we will see later, smoked wood pellets come in a wide range and are made particularly for pellet grills.

    2. How Are Pellets Used?

    With the exception that they must be smoking pellets and not heating pellets, you may use your wood pellets in practically any charcoal barbecue. By combining them with your charcoal, you can immediately begin grilling. Do not be concerned if you do not know how to use the pellets. 

    Start by turning on your grill. Light a charcoal fire. While the charcoal is hot and burning, scatter many wooden pellets under the rock grate.

    The pellets often ignite after a little time. The grill should be lit right away. You long to savor the flavor's wonderful, woodsy, smokey aroma.

    Last but not least, secure the cover and let your food enjoy the smoke. Remember to keep an eye on the time.

    If you wish, you may merely use wood pellets. However, keep in mind that wood pellets lose their effectiveness fast when used alone. You may also add foil or a smoker box to slow the process down. Typically, a third of a cup of wood pellets may burn for up to 30 minutes.

    Final Thoughts

    The best wood pellets for smoking were featured in the post to benefit the readers. Your preferences and life experiences will have an impact on your choice. We believe you'll discover the best wood pellets for smoking on the market. We value user comments as we continue to enhance the website. As a result, you may contact us whenever you choose.

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