Best Cleaner for Grills of 2024

Best Cleaner for Grills of 2024


It happens when your main source of heat is also where you cook directly. So, to keep a grill clean, you need a few things. However, what kind? There are as many various kinds of grills on the market as there are different types and brands of grills (even more), and each one serves a distinct function.

Now, let's glance at some of the characteristics that set the various types of cleaners apart to find the best cleaner for grills


1. Goo Gone Grill and Grate Cleaner

Best Overall


  • Item Form: Gel
  • Brand: Goo Gone
  • Surface Recommendation: Tile, Patio
  • Volume: 709.76 Milliliters

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  • Very cheap
  • Cuts easily through grease that has hardened.
  • Simple to find and buy at almost any store.
  • Two huge bottles for a low price is a great deal. 


  • Not at all good as an all-purpose cleaner or for cleaning grills outside.

Product's Summary

One of the grill cleaners we've relied on for years and years is Goo Gone. It's a great product; the best part is that you can purchase it for a low price anywhere close to you. That means you could get your hands on something that functions effectively and quickly.

This two-pack of Goo Gone is an excellent value considering its performance about the cost of the product. It foams even more vigorously than the Weber Degreaser discussed earlier and forcefully cut through any caked-on grease you may have left on because of carelessness or simply because there was a lengthy smoking time during which you were unable to clean. 

The cleaner is safe to eat off of and breaks down in the environment. It also gives off a nice orange scent when used, which is more than you can say about most cleaners, which smell awful. The only bad thing about Goo Gone's smell is that it might be a little too sweet.

The main problem with this cleaner is that it can't be used for anything. You could use something like the Weber Degreaser above in a pinch, but it's a pain to rinse Goo Gone off of a flat surface because it sticks so well. When there's no caked-on grease to help it come off, it just sticks around and can leave nasty, sticky residues on your stainless steel exteriors, even if you rinse it off multiple times.

2. Easy-Off Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Can

Best Canned Product


  • Item Form: Aerosol
  • Surface Recommendation: Cooktop, Countertop
  • Scent: Lemon

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  • Cheap 
  • Excels on flat surfaces.
  • Great at getting rid of grease and dirt. 


  • Putting power on bars and grates doesn't work very well.

Product's Summary

Easy Off is not particularly effective when used to clean a barbecue. The stunning appearance of the foam as it comes out of the nozzle in such a thick layer. However, belies its poor ability to adhere to surfaces.

If you can get it to stick, that's fantastic, but here's the problem: if you're trying to use it on grill grates to remove caked-on filth and grease off the metal, you're going to be disappointed with the results.

On the other hand, it is fairly effective at removing debris from flat surfaces, such as skillets and the interiors of grills (such as the roof of the lid), and other items of a similar kind, for which it is ideal.

However, the fact that Easy Off is so inexpensive makes up for the fact that it caters to a somewhat specific audience. You'll save three-quarters of the cost of our top pick while getting a can that's eight ounces bigger (though this is a concentrated foam, that capacity can be misleading). 

If you use your grill's griddle top often or use griddles in general, this cleaner is perfect for you and well worth buying. But there are better things to do if you have a traditional grill with grates.

3. Kona Safe/Clean Grill Grate Cleaner Spray


  • Item Form: Spray
  • Special Feature: Fume Free
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Item Volume: 680 Milliliters

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  • Cleans grill tools, pots, and pans, as well as kitchen tools 


  • This bottle is smaller than the other ones. 

Product's Summary

This potent grill cleaning can be used on virtually every grill surface, from ceramic to infrared to char-broil, without causing any damage to the surface. Additionally, it polishes stainless steel and can even be used to clean the wheels on portable grills.

It will take the cleaner a few minutes to work its magic, but removing grease will require very little scrubbing. 

A powerful spray cleaner sticks to the surface instead of dripping off and breaks down tough grease and char stains. It gets rid of baked-on grease, dirt, and food. 

While it's still chilly, clean your grill thoroughly! Removes buildup of food particles, grease, and flaky carbon accumulated on the grill's interior over time.

You may also use it as a degreaser for the tools you use to grill in the kitchen and the oven. Additionally, it does an excellent job cleaning pots, pans, irons, and other items commonly seen in kitchens.


1. Are spray cleaners for grills safe?

There are many spray-on ways to clean your grill, most of which are safe for food, non-toxic, and break down over time. But you should always try cleaning your grill with a normal brush and water first. 

2. How often should you clean a grill?

You should clean your grills after every use to get better results and make it easier to keep up in the long run. You need to use a grill brush to scrape off the leftover food and grease while your grill is still hot. Soaking the bristles in water can help to get rid of stuck-on bits. You should also take out the grates and clean the inside of your grill every so often. This includes removing grease and ash with a rag and a brush. 

3. What is the perfect way to clean the inside of a grill?

Start with the grills inside. Use a grill brush to remove carbon buildup from top to bottom. Use a putty knife to get rid of hard buildup in places. Use warm soapy water to clean it. 

Final Thoughts

It's crucial to own the proper tools to keep your grill in good shape, whether you're getting ready for the warm-weather grilling season or you master coal-fired burgers all year long. After reading, we hope you can find the best cleaner for grills. 

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