10 Best Pizza Ovens in 2024

10 Best Pizza Ovens in 2024

The best pizza ovens on the market range from interior countertop units to outdoor gas, brick or wood-fired ovens. While some will light up your backyard, others are simply portable and small. Following a market analysis, we selected 10 models to compare side by side in our lab. 

 Ooni Koda 16 Gas Pizza Oven – Outdoor Pizza Oven – Portable Gas Pizza Oven For Authentic Stone Baked Pizzas – Great Addition For Any Outdoor Kitchen

In order to verify the consistency in the results, we made dozens of various types of pizza. We also observed and recorded the warmup period and peak temperatures. Each pizza oven was assigned a score based on its portability, heat control, performance and assembly. We also sent various models to our knowledgeable at-home testers for additional evaluation and in order to gather even more first-hand observations, we also asked some home chefs who utilize pizza ovens in a number of different ways. 

Top picks

The following products are our top five best pizza ovens of 2024.

In-depth reviews

Below are our reviews of the top five best pizza ovens in 2024.

1. Best Overall: Ooni Koda 16 


  • Type: Propane

  • Weight: 40 pounds

  • Size: 25 x 23.2 x 14.7 inches

  • Heating Capability: Up to 950 degrees F

  • Cooking Surface: 16 inches

  • Recipes: Booklet provided


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  • Easy to set up and use

  • Heats up rapidly

  • Spacious cooking area

  • Intuitive temperature controls

  • Pizza is cooked quickly thanks to the L-shaped heat source.


  • Accessories such as a peel have to be bought separately

  • Lacks a built-in thermometer

Ooni has witnessed growing business for its series of outdoor pizza ovens, a few of which use gas and others use a hybrid of wood and gas.  With a 16-inch cooking area compared to the 12-inch cooking area of the Koda 12, the Koda 16 is the bigger of the two Koda models that are powered by propane.

Because of its setup simplification, fairly lightweight build, hassle-free functionality, sizable cooking area, and potent L-shaped flame, we consider it to be the most flexible, family-friendly oven for cooks who may wish to explore various pie sizes, as well as cook other items in the oven other than pizza.  It won our 2024 Award for the Best Pizza Oven because of this.

2. Best for Parties: Gozney Roccbox 


  • Type: Propane

  • Weight: 44 pounds

  • Size: 21 x 16.3 x 18.6 inches

  • Heating Capability: Up to 950 degrees F

  • Cooking Surface: 13.4 x 12.4 inches

  • Recipes: Booklet provided


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  • Easy to set up

  • Contemporary color selections and design

  • A strap for transportability is provided

  • Readable thermometer

  • Obtains high heat rapidly and grills pizza in minutes

  • Silicone exterior remains cooler than other types of ovens

  • There’s a wood-fired option available.


  • Among the most pricey of its class.

  • Once the temperature is high, it becomes hard to cool down. 

Gozney is popular for its professional-level pizza ovens, and the Roccbox puts the professional-level expertise to apply for home cooks. It is the top option for design fans due to its sleek, contemporary, nearly space-age appearance and selection of two exterior colors (olive green or slate gray). 

The Roccbox is an excellent option for individuals who own a tiny outdoor patio and little storage space because it doesn't take up much room, and it also looks awesome and will wow your guests at pizza potlucks.

3. Best for Portability: Ooni Fyra 12 


  • Type: Wood pellets

  • Weight: 22 pounds

  • Size: 29.1 x 28.5 x 15.4 inches

  • Heating Capability: Up to 950 degrees F

  • Cooking Surface: 13.2 inches

  • Recipes: Booklet provided


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  • More lightweight and portable than other ovens

  • Wood flavor is added to pizzas 

  • Can become very hot


  • More difficult to adjust temperature than in propane-powered ovens.

  • No thermometer is provided

  • Grate needs initial seasoning

The Ooni Fyra is the ideal pizza oven to purchase if you'd prefer not to cope with propane. It uses the same wood pellets as grills such as the Traeger Ironwood 650 and runs on them, yet it can still achieve temperatures of up to 950 degrees.  Additionally, you can carry it almost anywhere due to its modest size and a weight of only 22 pounds.

Pellets can be poured into the feed tube in the oven's back to maintain the fire. The Fyra produced attractively lipped Neapolitan-style pizzas in about 90 seconds, however temperature control was a little trickier than with propane-operated ovens (you have to adjust the flue damper little bits to reach the temperature you desire).

4. Best for Grill Masters: BakerStone Portable Gas Series Pizza Oven Box 


  • Type: Propane

  • Weight: 47.6 pounds

  • Size: 22.2 x 21.7 x 17.7 inches

  • Heating Capability: Up to 900 degrees F

  • Cooking Surface: 15 x 13-3/4 inches

  • Recipes: Booklet provided


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  • Five-sided stone baking chamber achieves high temperatures rapidly

  • Radiant heat produces a lovely char on pies.

  • Two gas knobs provide more monitoring of temperature

  • Top baking box can be removed and employed on the grill

  • A more reasonably priced option


  • Most complicated assembly

  • Oven with two parts feels less sturdy than others.

The BakerStone Pizza Oven Box serves two purposes: Because it was initially intended to be used as a box on a grill, you can separate the top section from the "firebox" in the bottom and cook your pizza on a grill.  When compared to the open-flame Gozney Roccbox and Ooni Koda, the oven's interior, which has five sides of pizza stones, performed unexpectedly well. The pizzas we prepared had a decent amount of char and were baked evenly since the five stones retain and generate ample heat.

We also appreciated that the firebox has two separate gas burners, each with its own knob, so you can truly explore the heat of the oven's two sides. You can observe the flames flashing away through a hole on each side of the firebox, giving you a fair sense of the amount of heat they are producing. Plus, you can monitor your temperature levels while cooking thanks to a readable thermometer located on top of the pizza box.

5. Best for Appearance – Alfa Nano 


  • Type:  Wood, propane

  • Weight: 110 pounds

  • Size: 29 x 22 x 19 inches

  • Heating Capability: Over 900 degrees F

  • Cooking Surface: 19.7 x 15.7 inches


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  • Beautiful design

  • Bakes delicious pizzas

  • Sizeable cooking space


  • Pricey 

  • Control knob can become hot

  • Heavyweight, so not very portable.

The Alfa Nano pizza oven bakes pies excellently, or as well as it looks. Unlike the Gozney Dome, you can make this pizza oven use either gas or wood, but not both at once. We were able to bake our pies in roughly two minutes because it heats up to blisteringly high temperatures. It was also easy to turn them to ensure that all sides were being cooked uniformly due to the spacious interior of the oven. It was also easy to notice what was happening within the Nano thanks to its large opening.

The oven's flame could be accurately adjusted thanks to the temperature control of the Nano, but the knob did become hot when touching. Also, unlike some of the more mobile options from Ooni or others, once you establish this pricey and hefty oven in your yard, you won't want to relocate it. But if you want a pizza oven that will serve as the focal point of your outdoor kitchen, this is a good choice.


Below are some of the most frequently asked queries that our readers have sent to us with regards to choosing the best pizza ovens.

1. Is it a good idea to buy a pizza oven?

The obvious response is yes if you enjoy pizza as much as we do. Like most things, you'll probably utilize the pizza oven as much as you can once you really have it in your possession. In addition, they are rather easy to use compared to other outdoor cooking equipment.

2. Will accessories be needed for a pizza oven?

Accessories can't go wrong! What might a few additional tools do to improve your pizza-making experience? Consider using a pizza peel, some gloves, and a cleaning brush for a pizza oven.

3. What are the best pizza ovens to choose?

Since the popularity of outdoor pizza ovens has skyrocketed, numerous manufacturers and even supermarket shops have introduced their own models. Having said that, and after carefully examining the available pizza oven selection, we would advise sticking with a reliable brand such as Ooni or Gozney.

Final thought

The best pizza ovens are the newest kitchen gadgets to attract our attention, and we're actually wondering why we didn't start using these appliances sooner. 

Halo Versa 16 Liquid Propane Gas Outdoor Pizza Oven with Rotating Cooking Stone | Portable Appliance for all Outdoor Kitchens

The ultimate justification for throwing a garden gathering and the ideal pick-me-up for when you crave for healthy homemade dishes that are also fully gratifying, there's no doubt that the sales of pizza ovens have risen dramatically during the past few months. 

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