The Best Blackstone Grills

The Best Blackstone Grills

Sunshine, friends and food fresh off the grill—there's nothing quite like outdoor cooking on a summer day. When gatherings get bigger and appetites grow, you want a grill that can keep up. Enter Blackstone grills, high-performance yet affordable cookers that make cooking outside easier and more impressive than ever.

We scouted Blackstone's collection to find the cooktops and grills ideal for any chef, from cookouts for two to catering a crowd. With Blackstone, you can master the perfect sear, keep food warm without drying it out or churn out volume for your next block party. Discover how Blackstone grills transform your patio into an outdoor kitchen ripe for cooking adventures.

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Best Blackstone Grills Buying Guide

Cooking area: 

Consider the size of the cooking area you need. A larger grill lets you cook more food at once but takes up more space. For families or entertaining, a grill with 500-750 square inches of cooking space is good. For example, the Blackstone 28" griddle has 720 sq in and can cook for 6-8 people. The 36" model has 815 sq in for bigger groups. The Blackstone 1554  has 470 sq in which suits 2-4 people.


More burners provide more cooking zones and better temperature control. 4 burners are common and good for most uses. The Blackstone 1554, for example, has 4 burners and heats quickly and evenly. 2-burner grills like the Blackstone 1517 are more compact but can still cook for 2-4 people. 


Consider useful features like side shelves, utensil hooks, wheels for portability, hoods, and sear zones. Shelves and hooks keep tools and ingredients within reach. Wheels or locking legs let you move the grill or keep it stationary. A hood retains heat for faster cooking and browning while sear zones reach super-high temperatures for searing steaks and chops. 


Look for a grill made of durable materials that will last. Stainless steel grates and griddles are best for even heating and easy cleaning. A powder-coated steel frame is durable and rust-resistant. The 28" and 36" models have thick rolled steel griddles and stainless steel burners. The Blackstone 1814 also have stainless steel components for longevity. Avoid grills with thin, coated aluminum parts which can degrade faster.

Fuel type: 

Blackstone grills use propane or natural gas. Propane is more common and portable but you need to monitor tank fuel levels. Natural gas requires professional installation but has an endless supply. Consider the fuel availability in your area and how convenient refueling/tank replacement would be.


Blackstone grills range from under $200 to over $500. More affordable grills will typically be smaller, have fewer burners, and less powerful components. Higher-end grills are larger, more durable and have additional features. Decide on a budget before shopping based on the grill size and features you need.

Ease of use: 

Look for a grill that's straightforward to use with an intuitive design. Things like push-button ignition, clearly marked control knobs, spill-proof grease traps and non-stick grates make cooking and cleaning easier. If you're new to grilling or won't use the grill frequently, a basic model without lots of settings may be easier to operate.


Check the warranty terms to ensure parts and labor are covered in case of defects or damage. A longer warranty, like 1-3 years, gives you more coverage and implies the grill is higher-quality and more durable. But for lower-priced grills, you may only get 90 days to 1 year of coverage. Consider the typical lifespan of the grill parts and potential issues, then choose a model with a suitable warranty period.

Best Blackstone Grills FAQs

1. How do I clean a Blackstone grill? 

After each use, wipe down the grates/griddle with a grill brush to remove stuck-on residue. Then wash the grates/griddle with hot, soapy water. Some parts may be dishwasher-safe. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth and dry everything with towels. Apply grill oil/seasoning before storing. For stuck-on grease or grime, use a degreaser or ammonia-based cleaner. Check your grill's manual for specific recommendations.

2. What accessories are useful for a Blackstone grill? 

Useful accessories include grill presses/griddle pans to cook things like bacon/eggs/hash browns, wok kits for stir frying, grill mats/splash guards, utensil hooks, cover, and extra propane tanks if using gas. The accessories you need depend on how you plan to use the grill. Grill tool sets with spatulas, tongs, brushes, etc. are also handy to have for any grill.

3. How long do Blackstone grills take to heat up? 

Blackstone grills typically heat up within 10-15 minutes when covered. Larger grills or those with more burners may take longer to preheat. The specific time will depend on the BTU output of the burners, the ambient temperature, and how long the grill has been unused (a cold start will take longer than if the grill was used recently). It's best to preheat the grill with the lid open before adding food.


Blackstone grills are popular for cooking outdoors. With a range of sizes and features, you can find a grill suited to your needs. Our recommendations and buying guide will help you choose a durable yet affordable Blackstone grill to create delicious meals and memories with family and friends.

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